The Trilogy Of Tough Is Now Complete

Born from the driver’s need for increased efficiency, safety, and comfort. Purpose-built to redefine what a highway truck should be.

Introducing the 57X, the newest member of the Western Star X-Series family and the most advanced and driver-focused highway truck we’ve ever built.

Built on a history of toughness and equipped with technology, comfort, safety and efficiency that rewards you every time you get behind the wheel and when you check your bottom line

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Western Star 57X

State-Of-The-Art Safety

Active Brake Assist 5

Active Brake Assist 5 detects distance and speed to moving and stationary objects in its path and determines if braking is necessary. It’s the only system on the market that works down to 5 MPH.

Active Brake Assist 5

Adaptive Cruise Control

Detroit Assurance technology enables state-of-the-art features such as Adaptive Cruise Control to 0 MPH to ease driving in stop-and-go traffic, as well as help mitigate front and rear collisions.

Adaptive Cruise Control

Brake Hold Mode

Whether stopped in heavy traffic or for any other reason, this state-of-the-art feature can keep a truck* stopped when the driver removes their foot from the brake.


Brake Hold Mode

Available Engines

Detroit DD13 Gen 5

The DD13 Gen 5 engine offers the best of the best in cutting-edge diesel engine technology and engineering. It's been significantly redesigned with vocational jobs in mind, with numerous innovations to increase performance, durability and productivity.


Detroit DD15 Gen 5

Backed by years of proven performance, the Detroit DD15 Gen 5 takes reliability, durability and productivity to the next level. Perfect for any operation, vocational or on-highway, the DD15 delivers everything you need from an engine, including greater profitability.


Detroit DD16

The biggest, toughest and most powerful engine Detroit has ever produced, the DD16® is the only 16-liter engine available. And since it offers the longest service intervals in the industry, it tackles your hardest jobs while increasing uptime and profitability.